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Salon Betteravenir 2016
Nous serons présents les 26 et 27 Octobre prochain à Betteravenir 2016

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Offres de saison
Scie à colza et Mobil Cord : découvrez nos offres promotionnelles

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Nouvel Hellios II
Découvrez l'Hellios II, remplaçant officiel de l'automoteur Hellios

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Du nouveau dans le réseau !
Leray Agriculture : nouveau concessionnaire Matrot

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Special features

MATROT self-propelled sprayers : choose the difference

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Front booms Aluminum booms Hydromechanical transmission Stabilis Clinair

The Stabilis,exclusively available at Matrot

The is an option on the Maestria and Xenon. Developped by MATROT's R&D team, the is the ideal solution when operating on cross slopes

The is a hydraulic system acting on the chassis and the boom while operating on slopes. The STABILIS will automatically maintain the chassis horizontal while the boom is kept parallel to the ground.

The assets of the Stabilis :

      Fully automated during spraying operations
      Improved safety
      Increased stability of the boom
      Gain in spraying speed
      Better quality and efficiency of the spraying

The Stabilis allows spraying operations in areas inaccessible to other sprayers : 40 % slopes, hilly areas with frequent and abrupt slopes... Users qualify this system as "reassuring and an absolute necessity when spraying in difficult conditions".

For regions with flat terrains, the is also very useful when turining in headland: it allows operations at high speed while the boom is kept perfectly stable.

Download the datasheet
See the Stabilis in operation, click here
Stabilis datasheet, click here
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